The kalam, the arabic calligraphy tool

Welcome to my blog !

I am happy to start it ! It’s something I’m used to doing because I wrote a blog from 2006 to 2014 🙂

On my new blog, i would like to speak about Arabic calligraphy of course, but also about interior design, fashion, nature…everything that interests me.

Today, i want to speak about the kalam, the ancestral tool of Arabic calligraphyA simple bamboo pen, used for thousand of years.

The kalam was already used by the scribes during the Pharaonic times. In antique Egypt, the scribe was a cultivated and respected person.

Nowadays, even if there are modern tools, the kalam is still widely used by Arabic calligraphers. I have always used the kalam, even if I also use others tools. I think the kalam gives a precise and authentic trace. Furthermore, I love to listen to the swish of the kalam on paper.

Here is a photo of my kalams. It was taken during my stay in Dubai, in 2012. ( Photo by Bernard Menettrier de Jollin)

arabic calligraphy tool

Here is a nice stamp edited by the French post office, in 2016, illustrated by kalams !

Thank you for reading! New post coming soon! 

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